Trail Champion Sponsors

A program that helps our trails AND helps our businesses.

Trail Champions is a modest $600/year investment in the trails. Sponsors receive a rich package of customer information materials designed in concert with the Forest Service to help visitors and residents have the safest and most pleasurable experience possible on the trails.  It also includes promotional materials for their business to showcase their support for the trails.

  • Inventory of our new trail guide for customers. "Maximize Your Fun on the Trails" is an easy-to-follow 6-panel guide to helps visitors and residents who are new to the trails to plan, choose and prepare for an epic experience on the trails. It also offers guidance on dog safety and Leave No Trace ethics. Brochure inventory will be replenished by SRRTF volunteers upon request by Trail Champion sponsors.
  • Desktop brochure holder to display the brochures at the business.
  • Trail Champion decals for window, door, point of sale identification as a Trail Champion sponsor.
  • Electronic files for online and print promotion of Trail Champion sponsorship.
  • Inventory of the USFS Recreation Guide as soon as they become available. This guide is the best available information from the Forest Service. Inventory will be replenished by SRRTF volunteers upon request by Trail Champion sponsors.
  • Business Supporter reports that keep sponsors up to date on the trail work being accomplished with their sponsorship dollars.
  • Recognition on the SRRTF website, media exposure and social media.

To learn more about our various business partner programs, send us an email by clicking here.

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