Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund

Help Us to Sustain and Enhance the Red Rock Trail System

Since 2014, the fund has raised in excess of $2.1 Million Dollars to sustain our Red Rock Trails

Your donation is important!

With your support, we partner with the Forest Service to build, improve and maintain the Red Rock Trails that you love.

Join us in giving the Red Rock Trails a helping hand.

Our Current Projects

Trail Restoration

Comprehensive Plan

Drought, plague, fire and flood take their toll on our majestic trails. Your gift will contribute to a comprehensive field assessment and maintenance plan.

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Cathedral Rock Trail

This iconic trail has suffered damage via washouts and erosion. Your gift will help reconstruct the trail to be more sustainable.

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Trail Signage

Signage is critical for safe access into Red Rock Country. Your gift will allow us to enhance users' experience with updated signage.

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On-going Projects

Red Rock Trails Forever

Trail Maintenance Fund

More than 400 miles of trails give us access to the beautiful Red Rock Country. We are determined to ensure these trails are maintained for years to come.

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Our endowment fund ensures that the Red Rock Trails 

are available for future generations.

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These current projects are coordinated with the Red Rock Ranger District. Supporters like you can help preserve our Red Rock Trail System by donating to these projects, protecting and enhancing this amazing place.

Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund is an Official Partner of the Red Rock Ranger District

Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

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