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For the love of the trails

The yearly cost of maintaining our 411-mile Red Rock trail system is nearing $1 million!

Federal appropriations cover approximately 8% of the cost of maintaining the trail system in the Red Rock Ranger District. (2021-2024)

Through donors like you, the Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund fills that funding gap to ensure the sustainability of the trail system. For today and the future.  More about our mission...

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Support one of our 2024 special projects

All projects are coordinated with the USFS Red Rock Ranger District.

Schnebly Hill Trail

Phase One Completed!

A major section of this trail that has been washed out and destroyed due to erosion and historic flooding.

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Cathedral Rock Trail Completed Spring of '24!

Restoration of this world renowned trail was ambitious and complex - and it's waiting for you to enjoy.

Soldiers Pass Trail

Completed Jan 2024!

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Other Projects

Red Rock Trails Forever

400+ miles of trails give you access to the beautiful Red Rock Country. Your gift will help ensure stewardship of these trails for years to come.

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Endowment Fund

The trail system is reliant on the continuing health of this organization. The Endowment Fund ensures our ability to provide essential stewardship for the trails and the forest into the future.

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On the horizon

Public Scoping closed for the Red Rock Trails Access Plan in late December with over 500 comments. The majority of these comments were related to the Turkey Creek project area. Due to the nature of the comments District and Forest leadership have committed to breaking the project into two separate projects and to an additional round of scoping a later date once some of the initial concerns can be mitigated related to Turkey Creek project area. This public scoping process was fairly favorable regarding the rest of the proposed projects and will look to make decision on this portion of the project in Spring 2024

For more information on the project, please visit the Red Rock Trails Access Plan project page online.

Get involved - you'll love it!

Standby for Fall 2024 volunteer events! We will post here and on our fBook page.

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