Sedona Trail Keepers

A Business – Government – Community Partnership

The Sedona Trail Keepers is a business-government partnership. More than 50 businesses and non-profit groups pledge $5,000 for a 5-year term and the City of Sedona backs those pledges. The Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund provides promotion featuring the business sponsors and co-hosts an annual event for the sponsors, city officials and the USFS. All the funds are directed to the Red Rock Ranger District for maintenance and enhancement of the trails in the Sedona and Village of Oak Creek area.

Since 2016, the Trail Keeper program has provided a significant infusion of funding to keep the trails in top condition and to mitigate the wear and tear from high usage and weather. In fiscal year 2024 the contribution amounted to $114,000!

Please support our Sedona Trail Keepers with your shopping dollars!

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