Board of Directors

Kevin Adams – President

Kevin Adams is a retired Marine, Fortune 500 and non-profit executive who brings 40+ years of experience to the SRRTF. Kevin currently serves as the treasurer of the Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition, co-founder and treasurer of Verde Valley Wheel Fun and as a member of the board of advisors of the Arizona Community Foundation of Sedona. In addition to those roles, Kevin is also the chair of the Arizona State Committee on Trails and is a member of the Yavapai County Resource Advisory Committee. He is a member of the SRRTF grants committee. Term expires September 2025.

Dreama Aldredge

Dreama Aldredge and her family began visiting Sedona and the surrounding communities in the 1990’s. Immediately realizing what a spectacularly unique area this was, she and her husband purchased a home here in 2001, moving here full-time in 2009. For the last 14 years she has hit the Red Rock trails almost daily either on horseback, hiking or jeeping. Having volunteered for many organizations throughout the years, her most recently held non-profit positions in the Verde Valley have been focused on tourism and fundraising. By working to achieve the goals of the SRRTF, Dreama hopes to share the joy and magnificence of this area with her grandchildren for years to come. She is a member of the SRRTF community outreach committee.Term expires September 2025.

Mark Bealafeld - Treasurer

Mark Bealafeld is an avid hiker who has grown concerned about the condition of the trails and trailheads in our area. He has learned how underfunded the Forest Service is given the magnitude of usage, and hopes that his participation on the board of the SRRTF will aid in mitigating the situation. He also serves as treasurer of the Sedona Westerners Hiking Club. He is a member of the SRRTF philanthropy committee. Term expires September 2025.

Jennifer Burns 

Jennifer Burns is trained as a landscape architect and served for 30 years as a Forest Service recreation manager. The last ten years she served locally with the Red Rock Ranger District. Along with contributions to the SRRTF, she volunteers for the Forest Service International Program, recently designing trail systems in Russia, Mongolia and Ethiopia. She believes that well designed trails offer people transformative and magical experiences. She is a member of the SRRTF philanthropy committee. Term expires September 2025.

Tanja Gunsberger 

Tanja Gunsberger, D.O. currently serves as the staff surgeon for the Kingman Regional Medical Center. She is also the clinical assistant professor, Department of Surgery of the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine, Midwestern University and the general surgeon/CEO of Aria Surgical Associates. Tanja has a home in Sedona where she explores the wonders of Red Rock Country as an equestrian and mountain biker. Term expires September 2024.

Sandi Heysinger – Vice President, Working Group Chair 

Sandi Heysinger and her husband, Dick, set down Sedona roots in 2018 after many years of visiting Red Rock Country. Sandi serves on the board of advisors of the Arizona Community Foundation of Sedona, historian for the Sedona Westerners Hiking Club, the board of the Foothills South Homeowners Association and the Women’s Leadership Committee with SCC&TB. She retired from ExxonMobil after 35 years. Sandi enjoys travel, hiking and road biking in various destinations around the world but of course, favors the Red Rocks of the Sedona area. She is a member of the SRRTF community outreach committee.  Term expires September 2024.

Kelley Malek

Kelley Malek is a retired geoscientist with a passion for hiking among the beautiful, unique Red Rocks of the Sedona area.  She serves on the board of the Sedona Westerners Hiking Club and is the Hike Boss of the Sunday hiking group. When not hiking, Kelley enjoys backpacking, kayaking, playing the piano, and spending time with family and her beloved dog. She started living part-time in Sedona in 2014 and moved here full-time in 2021. She is a member of the SRRTF philanthropy committee. Term expires September 2025.

Amanda Maxwell

Amanda Maxwell is a Sedona resident and avid member of the Sedona hiking, backpacking and kayaking communities. She clocks hundreds of miles per year on the trails and rivers of Sedona, Grand Canyon and Southern Utah. She a member of the Sedona Westerners Hiking Club and coordinated their volunteer efforts for the Cathedral Rock Trail Building Project of 2023. As a sculptor and career art educator, Amanda authored numerous Visual and Performing Arts grants for underserved student populations. As a member of the Red Rock Trail Fund board, she contributes her grant writing skills to support the care and maintenance of the Sedona trails that she hikes every day. She is a member of the SRRTF grants committee. Term expires September 2025.

Mike Raney

Mike Raney hails from Pittsburgh, PA. and realized early on that the connection to the outdoors is what makes a day go from good to great. His motivation for moving to Sedona was to open Thunder Mountain Bikes and share the amazing and unique trails with customers from all over the world. He also organizes and manages the annual Sedona Mountain Bike Festival. Mike lives by the mantra: work hard and play hard. He is a member of the SRRTF community outreach committee. Term expires September 2024.

Tracy Randall

Tracy and her husband Jim are avid mountain bikers. They met on the trails and moved to Sedona full-time in 2020 to enjoy Sedona’s incredible trail system. She spends much of her free time on the trails either riding her Shadowcat or maintaining them with the Red Rock district trail crew.

Tracy has spent most of her career with start-ups in the consumer internet space and has utilized her background to assist the Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition in growing and strengthening its membership base and mission. Tracy is still professionally active with a start-up in LA.

She is a member of the SRRTF grants and philanthropy committees. Term expires Sept 2024.

Sophia Sweeny, Grants Committee Chair 

After years of visiting the Sedona area, Sophia and her husband Jim purchased their Sedona home in 2016.  Since 2019, they have made Sedona their home full-time. Prior to joining the board of the SRRTF, her love of the local trails motivated her to join the Sedona Westerners Hiking Club. Sophia has served as the Drovers Hike Boss for one year and as the Wrangler (Treasurer) for three years. Term expires September 2024.

Dick Williams - Secretary, Philanthropy Committee Chair

Dick Williams likes to spend most of his time hiking and experiencing wonderful adventures in the Red Rocks with his wife Sandi. The rest of the time you will probably find Dick traveling, road biking, cooking, or tinkering with just about anything. He retired after 36 years with Shell Oil Company and still occasionally dabbles with work. Dick has ongoing profit and non-profit board responsibilities. He is a member of the SRRTF grants and philanthropy committees. Term expires September 2024.

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