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The Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund grew from a public gathering of citizens in 2013. There was grave concern that the Red Rock trail system was severely outdated and poorly maintained. At that gathering, local residents and Forest Service Ranger staff prioritized actions to sustain the unique ecosystem and trail experience.  Actions included expansion of the trial system, trail re-routes for sustainability, more trailhead access, additional high-interest user created routes and critical annual trail maintenance. Understanding that the Forest Service was limited in its ability to complete these actions, a group was formed to establish the Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund as an Arizona non-profit corporation that would act as an official partner of the USFS.

The make-up of the board of directors represents all types of non-motorized trail users; hikers, cyclists, runners and equestrians.

The Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund is dedicated to raising funds through individuals, businesses and grantors. Since inceptions, our donors have provided a steady source of funding to the Red Rock Ranger District for trail maintenance and enhancements, as well a funding buildout of more than 60 miles of new trails. The Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund continues to following is highly focussed mission.


To gather donations toward the maintenance and enhancement of the non-motorized National Forest trails in and around Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek, and to educate and inform the public regarding their use and management.


Self-sustaining funding source(s) to help maintain and enhance the non-motorized USFS trails near Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek.

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