Trail Fund Announces Trail Renovation Projects for FY24

1 Sep 2023 9:08 PM | Camille Cox (Administrator)

In August and September of each year the Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund (SRRTF) works with the Red Rock Ranger District staff to understand and solve the funding gaps for the District’s priority projects in Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek areas. For fiscal year 2024 (begins October 1, 2023), three renovation projects have been defined and budgeted to date, with more to be added pending approvals from the USFS. These special projects are in addition to routine maintenance and upkeep for the trail system that is also supported with funding from SRRTF.

Schnebly Hill Trail has a major section that was washed out and destroyed due to erosion and historic flooding. One hundred feet of trail benching are needed to reconstruct the trail as it contours the hillside. An extensive amount of rock work will be done to construct drainage systems and sustainable tread, including 100 feet of retaining walls and rock armoring and 10 drainage structures. Workers will backfill the quarry site and revegetate disturbed soils. Cash Cost: $18,500.

Cathedral Rock Trail – Phase 5.  Restoration has been in progress for five years, and requires another segment to build 20 giant rock steps, additional retaining walls, drainage structures, fencing and more work on “the crack” to direct hikers to the designated trail corridor. Severe weather events during the 2023 work season prevented completion, as crew members were unable to scramble on ice covered slickrock to the higher elevation work zones. To complete the final steps, it will be necessary to quarry rock from adjacent sources. Cash cost. $114,000.

Soldier Pass Trail has sustained critical damage from overuse, illegal Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) use and erosion from severe weather. It needs new staircases, effective drainage routes and solutions for restricting users to the trail. The trail tread must be raised to prevent further decomposition of soil and rock crush, and to create a durable surface for sustainable use. To remedy these problems, new rock structures will be installed and reparations to some existing structures. Social trail junctions will be eliminated. By the numbers: roughly 1,500 feet of fencing, 150 feet of rock work, and a half acre of restoration work in the adjacent areas next to the system trail. This is a 6-week project that will involve no trail closures. Cash Cost: $51,000.

New Business Supporters   In July the Trail Fund launched a new business partnership to raise funds to keep our trails safe and sustainable. Nine local businesses joined the program in the first few weeks - SNAP Fitness, Sedona Golf Resort, PJ’s Village Pub, Bell Rock Veterinary Clinic (Dr. Rachelle Jarvis), Trail Running Escapes, Gayle’s Chocolates, Ace Home Services, Red Rock Balloon Adventures, Helios Health AZ Direct Primary Care & Wellness (Dr. Jason Wesley). In addition to providing much needed financial support, these businesses are now a point of distribution for our new print trail guide on staying safe and maximizing your fun on the trails.

Photo: One of the major FY24 projects in the Red Rock Ranger District is the Schnebly Hill Trail that was washed due to extreme weather. One hundred feet of trail benching are needed to reconstruct the trail as it contours the hillside at an estimated cost of $18,481.

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