Westerners raise a record $37,110 for the trails!

9 Apr 2024 9:38 AM | Anonymous

The Sedona Westerners Hiking Club raised a record-breaking $37,000 in 2024 for the Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund (SRRTF). Fueled by a $10,000 incentive match from an anonymous donor, more than 60 members made donations totaling $35,110 during the February campaign. Adding the Westerners’ yearly Trail Keeper, the club brought in a grand total of $37,110 for Red Rock trail maintenance and enhancement. Dick Williams, SRRTF board member and chair of the philanthropy committee, revealed the results at the Westerners’ March 14th meeting. This year’s collection was more than double that was raised in 2023 and triple the amount in 2022.

The Sedona Westerners Hiking Club was recognized by the Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund for a record-breaking fundraising campaign in February. Pictured (L to R) are SRRTF Director Dick Williams, Westerners Trail Boss Ray LaPorte, SRRTF President Kevin Adams and Westerners VP Dave Vanderwater.

Recapping the campaign details, Williams reported that although most of the monies will be applied to fund the seasonal crews and conservation organizations doing routine trail maintenance, donors were allowed to designate their donations to special projects in the district. Cathedral Rock Trail renovation project received $4,400 of targeted giving, with lesser amounts earmarked for Turkey Creek trail enhancement project, Soldier Pass Trail and the SRRTF endowment.

Westerners Trail Boss (president) Ray LaPorte was ecstatic over the generosity shown by the club, saying “Our membership surpassed all expectations in this fundraising effort.” He added, “Westerners are quick to point out that Sedona area trails are very well maintained and provide an amazing recreation experience for a variety of users. We recognize that the expertise and manpower needed to properly design, construct and maintain the Red Rock trail system does not come cheaply. We dug deep this season – energized by the $10,000 match by one of our generous members. That was an inspirational moment for us – and our members responded!"

Kevin Adams, president of the SRRTF, expressed appreciation for the Westerner’s efforts. “The Westerners have been one of SRRTF’s long-term and consistent partners, each year showing their commitment to stewardship of the local trails for future users. Their showing of support is a model we hope can be replicated with other like-minded groups in the area.”

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