Special Projects Finished Near Sedona and Village of Oak Creek

22 Feb 2018 8:00 AM | Deleted user

North Sedona Trail System Renovation and Enhancement. The Red Rock Ranger District identified the trail system running from Soldiers Pass Trailhead to Dry Creek Road as a high priority for reconstruction, renovation, and rehabilitation. The trail system includes the Teacup, Andante, Thunder Mountain, Chimney Rock, and Sugarloaf Trails which all contained highly eroded sections of trail on sandy and steep portions of the historic trail alignments. Major sustainable realignments were recently completed, including:

Total Trail Maintained - 6.9 miles

New Trail Constructed – 1.6 miles

Total Trail Naturalized – 1.5 miles

Rock Steps Installed – 65 steps

Rock Armoring Built- 250 feet

Signs Installed – 8

Volunteer Labor – 500 hours

View final report (Feb 2018)

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