The Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund has raised more than $2,475,000 since inception - all for the maintenance and enhancement of the trails in the Red Rock Ranger District.

The funding from the Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund has been vital to the USFS's recent successes. Over time, the Red Rock Ranger District has used the funding to help preserve, protect and grow the trail system by:

  • Increasing the season crew sizes from 4-14 workers
  • Reducing the trail maintenance backlog
  • Rerouting overused trails to improve sustainability
  • Building new trails to expand the trail system
  • Repairing and replacing trail signs, cairns and kiosks

Monies have also allowed the Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund to create an endowment fund (held by the Arizona Community Foundation) to ensure that funding continues.

History of New Trail Construction

61 miles of new trails constructed in Sedona's Red Rock Country

Forest Service Crew Accomplishments in 2022

During the Fall of 2020 and Spring 2021 trail seasons, public volunteer resources were unavailable due to the pandemic. The contribution of local volunteers is vital to production. With a combination of workers from the USFS, American Conservation Experience, Arizona Conservation Corp. and Friends of the Forest, we were able to achieve some impressive new construction and heavy maintenance milestones.

  • 423 total miles of trail in the Red Rock District
  • 289 miles in Sedona/Village of Oak Creek
  • 275 miles of trail maintenance completed during the 2022 field season
  • 3,440 ft of retaining walls and armouring
  • 122 rock stairs installed
  • 3.7 miles of social trails neutralized
  • 1788 drainage structures newly constructed and/or maintained
  • 115 trail signs and junction maps installed
  • 2 kiosks installed
  • 36 new kiosk maps, section maps and Trail Keeper signs posted at trailheads
  • 37 new cairns constructed
  • 74 old style cairns removed
  • 2,000 feet of fencing constructed
  • 550 volunteers (Friends of the Forest and public)
  • 3,400 total volunteer hours donated to district trail work
  • 3,100 volunteer hours in teh Sedona/VOC area dedicated to trail maintenance and construction
  • $98,600 total value of labor provided by volunteers during the trail season
  • 49 public trail work events with an average of 10-15 volunteers attending each event

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