Fall 2018 Equestrian Fundraiser

26 Dec 2018 3:19 PM | Deleted user

On December 8th & 9th Horse Mesa Ranch held a saddle fitting class. SRRTF Event Committee members Shelley Woellmer and Bonnie Miller attended this event and spread the word to help support the red rock trails by donating to SRRTF. With help from Joan Bouck reaching out to the equestrians unable to attend the event, the women were able to raise $2,300 from our local equestrian community.

The SRRTF would like to thank each of the following persons for generously supporting our red rock trails:

Mary Morris & Scott Kummerfeldt, Egon Hagemann, Chris & Sharon Hauge, Joan Bouck, Denise Jurgensen, Tanja Gunsberger, Bee Gordon, Art Bertolina, Shelley & Ralph Woellmer, Bonnie Miller, Betsy Lavine, Sue Dolin, Trish Dees, Brandy Miller, Barb Apple, Sue Dyer, Brenda Garrett, Diana Hagemenn-Milenkovitch, Marilyn Paul, Laurie Kunert, Kelsey Woellmer, Regina Dehr, Marilyn Sanders, Mary Schroeder, Mary J Wallen, Catey Maxey, Xandy Lifson, and Harriet Jack

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