SRRTF Leadership Changes

17 Jun 2024 9:28 AM | Anonymous

During its upcoming board meeting on June 17th, Kevin Adams (shown below) will step down as president of the Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund (SRRTF), and Dick Williams (shown to left) is expected to be elected by the board to replace Kevin.

“It’s been an incredible honor to lead the SRRTF these past six years” according to Kevin, “but after presiding over 32 board meetings, attending countless committee meetings, working with two different Rangers/Forest Supervisors and performing all manner of things thereunto pertaining – as the Marine Corps prescribes – the past six years, it’s time,” Adams added.

Dick Williams joined the SRRTF board in late 2021 and has served at various times as grants and philanthropy committee chair as well as board secretary since September 2022. Dick is a retired energy industry executive with on-going profit and non-profit board responsibilities (locally also serves on the board of the Verde Valley Archaeology Center). Dick and his wife Sandi Heysinger split time between Sedona and Houston, TX.

“Kevin’s not leaving the SRRTF, just stepping down as president. If the board approves, he’ll replace me as board secretary” Williams stated. “I’m honored to be following in Kevin’s footsteps” Williams added. “With useage and subsequent maintenance requirements continuing to increase, it is important that monetary support for the trails here in our Red Rock playground continues to grow. We are blessed with a phenonmenally creative, resourceful and dedicated board and staff.  Building on our past successes, I look forward to working with them to create new and creative partnerships and programs that allow users, individual supporters, other local groups, and area businesses opportunities to participate in the vision of healthy, vibrant trails.”

Kevin took over the reins from Jennifer Burns in June 2018. Working with the SRRTF board, he instituted structural changes to increase the SRRTF’s fund raising capacity to maintain and enhance the non-motorized trails on National Forest land near Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek. Kevin also focused on recruiting directors with business and grant writing experience. Under Kevin’s leadership, the SRRTF’s annual fund raising increased four times from $159,711 in 2017 to over $650,000 in 2023. “The SRRTF’s amazing board and supporters raised over $3,250,000 since 2017 and started an endowment to ensure trail maintenance and enhancements will continue in perpetuity” Adams stated. “Through the SRRTF’s fundraising efforts, the Red Rock Ranger District’s trail crew has grown in size each year from seven in 2018 to today’s record 18,” Adams added.

With time being freed up, Kevin has accepted an invitation to join the Verde Front’s Leadership Council starting July 1st. Kevin will also focus on getting more rural Arizona youth on mountain bikes through Wheel Fun, a non-profit he co-founded in 2019 in the Verde Valley and took statewide in 2022.

“The SRRTF’s board is the most diverse and experienced than anytime in its 10 year existence” Adams stated. “I can’t wait to see where Dick takes us the next few years”.

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