Supporter Spotlight – Mei Lin

1 Feb 2023 12:00 AM | Camille Cox (Administrator)

Each issue we invite a supporter to share with us their enthusiasm for the Red Rock trail "experience".  Mei Lin, a resident of Tucson who travels here frequently, recently contacted us about how she could help. She chose to make a year-end contribution toward filling the funding funding gap for the Cathedral Rock Trail project.

How did you discover our Red Rock country, and what about it inspires you?  I'd heard of the beauty of the Red Rock country in recent years and when I moved to Tucson in the summer of 2020, the stars aligned in September for me to take a drive up to Sedona. When I arrived into town, I remember being awed and mesmerized by the stunning immense natural beauty, and I made a note to myself "one day, I will buy a house here". I tell friends, family and anyone who asks about my love for this place, that anytime I arrive into town I immediately feel better – at peace, grounded and relaxed.

Tell us about your favorite trails, and what you love most about them?  I love hiking out on the trails – this place is like a candy store for nature lovers! I love finding trails that are lesser known/not frequented as much by tourists. Recently, my favorite trails are Trancept, because of the expansive 360 views, and Wilson's Canyon Trail, because at the end of the trail is a short little climb popping out of the canyon and being immersed in the red rocks.

There are so many great causes, why do you choose to support the mission of the Trail Fund?  I love giving back to causes that bring me so much joy so that others may also have an opportunity to have the same experience. I tell people that a hike in the Red Rock country is one of the best prescriptions.

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